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"I feel like it's a documentary. I wanted it to be like there's this kid's head, and here is the stuff coming out of this kid's head. There's no bullshit, there's no art, and there's no tricks. It's mysterious and confused as he is. It's like this electric wire and this outpouring."
- Dennis Cooper (2002)


Dennis Cooper's latest novel has emerged as his finest, most thought-provoking and challenging piece of writing yet. At the heart of the work is Larry, a teenager who is struggling to understand not only his sexuality and physical feelings toward his younger brother but also the purpose and reason behind his own existence. Larry is offered $500 to kill a fellow pupil and retrieve the boy's notebook. It all seems straightforward enough. However, once Larry ventures into the notebook, complications arise. Captivated by both the beauty of its articulation and the horror of its content, he longs for such an ability to communicate himself. Written in sparse yet concentrated language that surrounds, submerges, and potentially overwhelms the reader, My Loose Thread is a claustrophobic, harrowing, and intensely moving piece of fiction.


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